1181 (Syston) Squadron ATC

1181 Squadron was formed in May 1943 as the 3rd City of Leicester Squadron and was based at the Narborough Road School to cater for cadets living in the west side of the city.


The 1st Commanding Officer was Flt. Lt. C.W. Thompson, an ex-Guards officer and the Squadron had 4 flights consisting of 30 cadets each plus 'E' flight which was for the new recruits undergoing basic training.


The Squadron staff then consisted of 4 Flight Commanders, an Adjutant, a Warrant Officer and two secretarial staff.


Late in 1944 the Commanding Officer resigned due to ill health and Fg. Off. T.P. Morris was promted to take command of the unit. In July 1945, No. 2070 Squadron - which paraded at the Mantle Road Shool was closed and the staff and cadets transferred to 1181 Squadron. 


It was in early 1946 that the Squadron moved from Narborough Road School to 51 Oxford Street, Leicester. In 1947 - due to cut-backs the Squadron was dispanded and the cadets transferred to 1F Squadron.


A period of 28 years transpired before 1279 (Melton Mowbray) Squadron started a detached flight in 1974. The detached flight origianlly met at the Horse and Groom public house in Rearsby and after a short period, the room used for parades became insufficient to meet thlight remained there until its move to Chapel Street premises in Syston.


In 1975, the Flight was granted Squadron Status and at the request of the Adjutant - Fg. Off. B.W. Crayford the Squardon was allocated its original number of 1181. The request for this was two fold: Firstly, the other two City of Leicester Squadrons were still in being - No's 1F and 51 Squadron so it seemed reasonable to ressurect the third. Secondly, being one of the founder cadets of 1181 in 1943 and knowing of it's records and achievements, it seemed an ideal opportunity to continue in the same vein as the predecessor.


The Commanding Officer of the newly formed Squadron was Flt. Lt. R.W. Miller who started the detached flight and who had served as aircrew during the last war.


The Squadron moved to it's present purpose built building at the rear of Wreake Valley College, Parkstone Road, Syston in 1990.