Sunday 1st October 2017

Start Time

To be confirmed

End Time

To be confirmed


To be confirmed


Mini bus or own transport, Pick up times to be confirmed


Cadets are to arrive in smart civilian clothing, 

Take With You

Bring your 3822 or they will not be complete

Bring refreshments as required.

Swimming kit to change into when instructed.

Due to time restraints there will be no uniform required.


x2 Lengths Butterfly

x2 Lengths Backstroke

x2 Lengths Breaststroke

x2 Lengths Freestyle

x4 Lengths Individual Medley 

1 - 4 x 50m Relay

2 - 4 x 2 Lengths

3 - Freestyle


Wing Swimming Championships 2016

The Championships will be conducted under ASA Competition Laws.

Cadets must be a minimum age of 12 years 3 months on the day of the event.

The championships will be divided into 4 classes – The following age limits will apply: -

Junior Boys 12 years and 3 months on 1 st October but under 16 on 31st Dec 2017

Senior Boys 16 years and over on 31st Dec 2017

Junior Girls 12 years and 3 months on 1 st October but under 16 on 31st Dec 2017

Senior Girls 16 years and over on 31st Dec 2017

No individual cadet may represent his/her Squadron in more than 2 events PLUS the relay. 

NOTE-The Individual Medley is excluded from this criteria.

Junior Boys and Junior Girls will swim 2 Lengths (50m). Senior Boys and Senior Girls will swim 4 Lengths (100m) except butterfly, which will be 2 Lengths. The individual medley will be 1 length of each stroke for all classes (4 in total).

Photographs are not permitted inside the pool area, except by nominated person.

It should be noted that the Central & East Region Championships, Cadets coming first or second in their events will be required to confirm their availability to compete for the Wing in the Region event.


Staff via group facebook or contact the sqn


Dress for Adults is smart civilian clothes as per previous instructions and guidance by Wing Warrant Officer, with the exception of adult SNCO’s nominated for discipline duties (selection by WWO).

Adults carrying out official duties at the poolside may wear squadron/wing polo shirts if they choose and indoor shoes only.