See Training Calendar for dates

Start Time Times will be confirmed nearer the date as this may vary.



Dates & times to be confirmed 

End Time This a half day activity
Meet At Parkstone Rd Roundabout
Transport Transport is provided by Wing
Minimum age 13 yrs 3 months

Cadets are required to wear Working Blues uniform. But need civilian coat/top to travel in.

Cadets will be provided with a flying suit, gloves helmet and parachute.

Take With You

Your 3822

TG21 form (download here)

ACO Av Med 1 form (download here)

If necessary an F6424.

Packed lunch



Stout, soft-soled shoes (trainers are preferred),

Weather Cancellation  

7 AEF Facebook Page (opens in a new window).

To avoid frustrating and unnecessary journeys a FLY / NO FLY decision will be posted on the 7 AEF Facebook page. A forecast for each of Sat and Sun will be posted on the evening before, with a final confirmation or cancellation at around 0700 on the appropriate day.

Fitness to Fly  

Cadets who have not had breakfast, are under the weather or have not had a good night’s sleep are unlikely to enjoy their flight (the whole purpose of the day).

Av Med Form 1 Completion 

Please ensure that parents fill out the Av Med form 1 correctly. They must tick the answer to the medical condition as per instructions at the top of the form.

F6424 Completion 

There are often grey areas in regard to whether a cadet’s medical condition should stop the cadet from flying or not. GPs do not always understand the implications and sometimes consultation with the CFMO should have been carried out. In this regard, you should follow the advice, agreed by CFMO, as follows:

On a F6424, the GP’s signature alone is not sufficient to provide assurance that due process has been followed for the specified serious medical conditions. Where the CFMO should have been consulted, this must be documented in the “special limitations” box, otherwise the F6424 is not valid.