Due to the cancellation of our allocated camp, Wing have confirmed to me today that if you'd like to bid for any of the other Annual Camps, you can put your name forward as a reserve.

Therefore, the camps on offer are:

RAF Halton - 22 to 29 Jul
RAF Valley (Regional Camp) - 22 to 29 Jul
RAF Valley (I will be Camp Commandant for this camp) - 29 Jul to 5 Aug
RAF Spadeadam - 19 to 26 Aug
RAF Wittering - 14 to 21 Oct

To be considered for any of these camps, we need your TG21 (& TG23 if required) to get to WHQ as soon as possible to ensure you are high up the list. If you have any questions about the camps, please ask CI Cottam.

PS - it'd be great to have some 1181 cadets on the camp that I'm CC for!