Cadet Warrant Officer Bradley Setchell of 1181 (Syston) Squadron was welcomed as the new Station Commander’s Cadet for Royal Air Force Wittering in a short ceremony on Thursday 8th January 2015.

Cadet Warrant Officer Setchell, was pre-selected in 2013 from a long list of candidates in cadet squadrons across Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and the South and East Midlands.

During the next twelve months Bradley will be given a unique insight into the Royal Air Force and life at RAF Wittering, accompanying the Station Commander on a series of official engagements.

Cadet Warrant Officer Setchell is determined to fulfil the role to the best of his ability and said; “I’m excited to be offered this opportunity to be able to witness a side of the RAF that cadets do not normally see.”

Bradley has completed his A-levels and is currently taking a gap year before starting university where he will study children’s nursing.

Cadet Warrant Officer replaces Cadet Flight Sergeant Jess Danells off 115 (Peterborough) Squadron, who placed a brassard bearing the RAF Wittering crest on her successor's shoulder. Jess offered Bradley some wise advise before he started his year; “Attend everything that you can. Ask as many questions as you can to gain insights into life in the RAF and possible career paths.”

RAF Wittering Station Commander, Group Captain Damian Alexander said; “Station Commander’s Cadets must earn their appointment and be of the highest calibre. The minimum standards are exceptional cadetship and academic conscientiousness. Bradley embodies both these qualities; I’m certain the next twelve months will benefit him, the Station, his squadron and the cadets.”

Image courtesy of RAF Wittering: